HHEALTH and well-being

Lymphatic Massage

It is a type of light and soft massage that serves to stimulate the natural drainage of the lymph, thus improving inflammatory conditions, edema and fluid retention. It is applied on the circulatory system and its objective is to mobilize the accumulated liquids and toxins in the body favoring its elimination.
Approximate duration: 50 min | € 75

Sport massage 

With this type of massage we promote that fatigue is reduced quickly, we prevent muscle injuries and if these occur, their recovery is accelerated. It manages to calm areas with discomfort and unlock tension, in turn helping to eliminate toxins from the muscles.
Approximate duration: 50min | € 85

Relaxing Aromatic Massage
Through manual techniques, the nervous system is harmonized, achieving a certain degree of muscle relaxation. Essential oils contribute to recovering and maintaining psychophysical balance.
Approximate duration: 25min | € 39 || 50min | € 69 || 80min | € 99

Thai massage
A perfect harmony of qualities and characteristics of different eastern disciplines such as yoga and meditation come together in this massage. It stimulates the energetic circulation and frees the possible existing blockages, being a highly recommended massage for anyone, even for pregnant women.
Approximate duration: 50min | € 85

Balinese massage
The Balinese massage manages to dissolve any type of deep tension, which leads to a state of total relaxation. Known for its exoticism, due to the enormous use of perfumed essential oils, it is characterized by pressure and manual movements that favor the activation of the lymphatic system and blood circulation and at the same time regenerate the skin.
Approximate duration: 50min | € 85

Hot stone massage
The stones unite a high energetic and healing power with an enormous concentration of minerals. With them, relaxing massage maneuvers are carried out with oil throughout the body.
Approximate duration: 50min | € 85

Ayurvedic Massage with Diagnosis
Abhyanga massage, a traditional Hindu treatment in which different hot oils are used to harmonize and balance the organic, emotional and mental part: VATA-PITTA and KAPHA. It increases circulation, stimulates and strengthens the lymphatic system, and opens the flow of life force with the aim of cleaning and revitalizing the body.
Approximate duration: 1h 15min | € 120

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