Bbody beauty

Anti-cellulite slimming revolution of coffee and algae (per sessions)
Fight cellulite by allying yourself with the best active properties of algae and coffee. Through manual reducing, pressotherapy and wrapping maneuvers, it eliminates localized or generalized fat with active ingredients that destroy fat.
Approximate duration: 55min | € 80

We recommend 8 session vouchers with reduced prices. Ask at the spa reception.

Rollaction System Toning remodeling (per session)
Feel your skin tune up with this revitalizing and regenerating treatment that will slow aging with antioxidant power. You will see that there is no better way to start treating your skin.
Approximate duration: 45min | € 80.

* We recommend a bonus of 8 sessions at € 75 / session. Please ask at the spa reception.

Reducing and draining algae treatment with pressotherapy
Reducing and purifying treatment designed to reduce volume, activate diuresis and improve circulation. With an exuberant seaweed wrap combined with pressotherapy, effective and edematous cellulite can be effectively combated, improving circulation and drainage in the legs. Especially indicated for all those with poor circulation, cellulite and fluid retention.
Approximate duration: 55min | € 80

* We recommend bonuses of 8 sessions at reduced prices. Please ask at the spa reception.

Vichy shower body scrub
Exfoliation under the Vichy Shower that removes impurities and dead cells, obtaining a softer, toned, clean and receptive skin to carry out any other type of body beauty treatment. With a relaxing rain effect, in addition to purifying the skin, it will achieve a release of the accumulated tensions in the body.
Approximate duration: 20min | € 39

Body Peeling of flowers and salt crystal
Duration: 50 min | € 60

Body Peeling with sensory wrap
Duration: 50 min | € 70

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